Canada - 150 Years

Canada - 150 Years

Photographs by Mike Grandmaison
Text by Shelagh Rogers

A Breathtaking Photographic Portrait of a Country

Canada is rich in history and culture. It is the country’s natural beauty that makes it unique in the world. Within its borders are some of the most spectacular and photogenic vistas and wildlife anywhere—from the desolate, sweeping lowlands of the arctic, to the dewy rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, and the sloping, worn stone outcroppings of the Canadian Shield, a blanket of unparalleled beauty unfolds.

In this breathtaking coast-to-coast photographic journey across Canada, Mike Grandmaison portrays a country whose seasons are variable and changing, reflecting the many moods of nature in all its glory. Whether it is the sight of an iceberg scudding past
Newfoundland’s craggy coastline, the yellow expanse of prairie fields in the autumn, or the melancholic beauty of a setting sun behind a mountain range, Grandmaison’s photography captures the essence of a country where much
of its wilderness remains untouched.

In Canada, broadcaster Shelagh Rogers complements Grandmaison’s photography with text that embraces the country—a place that defies
description but can be experienced by traveling the land itself and visiting its stunning beauty as captured by a gifted photographer through his lens.